Message from the CEO

In the past 2016 the NCL International Logistics Public Company Limited faced several challenges and risky factors after passing losses and the bottom base of the year before. At the end of 2016 the Company recovered to profit gaining and being of a general growth amidst the economic slowdown environment. The Company then extended investment in related businesses including container providing and renting services, international transport and others to enhance comprehensive foreign operations. The Company also produce dialysis solution and distributed its equipment as part of the risky management policy since it has been visualized for furthering added value and securing growth returns in the long term.

The general transport economic picture of 2017 has been estimated at a higher growth rate than the last year due to the general domestic economic base which has accommodated relocation of Chinese production entrepreneurs from China. The Company 2016 gaining target is higher than the previous year with 80% earned from the international logistics operation and 20% from the domestic performance, respectively. However the Company is focusing to expand international logistics operation since it is still of higher demand including joint-venture with other logistics operators. This indicates so well of how the Company stands so strong on tis higher experienced base for more than 20 years while the increasing investment will also promote business prosperity.

I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of the Executive Committee to the Executives and all employees for their strong collaboration to bring successful performance, continually until today, to the Company. My appreciation is also for the great trust from shareholders, investors, customers and trade partners who have supported the Company throughout. I would like to thank the subsidiaries and joint-venture companies and ensure you that we shall operate with good governance to enhance effective services for our customers by well-trained personnel with their service mind so that out Company shall be securely and sustainably developing.

Mr.Kitti Phuathavornskul
Chief Executive Officer

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