Message from the chairman

Visualizing future markets of Thailand based on Logistic Development Strategic Plan No. 2 (2013-2017), one can say that since Asia, especially our neighbouring countries and ASEAN, has gradually become the playing stage of the world economic activities. Thailand will have a great opportunity to set up a strategic planning on how to enhance competitiveness but with good relationship toward all neighbour so that we can create the maximum economic value accordingly.

The NCL International Logistics Public Company Limited is operating under supervision of the executive committee, managers and employees with commitment to contribute on organization development over the past 20 years. We strongly adhere to good governance with respect to all stakeholders and corporate social responsibility (CSR) including anti-corruption. Throughout 2016 the company had coped with various risks and challenges to enhance sustainable organization while expanding our business and investment in related operations such as container services and international transportations so that we could cover more required container services overseas. For risk diversification the company had launched Dialysis Solution and operating equipment as another solution to enhance value added for the company growth with an aim for future security and prosperity.

Regarding organization efficiency the company always focusses on human resources development to increase effective competition. The company has promoted employees, participation by efficient management approaches to allow spaces for innovation and joint-future direction aiming towards sustainable establishment.

In the name of the Chairman of the Company Board of Directors, I would like to thank for trust and confidence from the shareholders, investors, financial institutes, business alliances, clients, public and private organizations and all stakeholders who have supported the company until today. I would like as well to thank our management and employees who have decided to bring success for our company until today. I would like to assure you all that the company will always be of good governance and corporate social responsibility while enhancing our sustainable prosperity

Mr. Korn Dabbaransi
Chairman of the Board

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